Meet Pauline!

Hi there!

I'm Pauline, the creative and owner behind Lovespace Studio. I work as a Human Resources Professional by day with a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion. HR doesn't provide a creative outlet so I combined my love for art and diversity to create a greeting card company!

Making cards started as a simple quarantine hobby and quickly grew to become my passion project because I truly believe in the power of representation in making people feel seen, heard and valued.

My hope is to have a little fun, spread a lot of love and create space for people of colour and those within the LGBTQ+ community because we all deserve to be represented and find cards that actually speak to us. 

It's a small initiative but I've received great feedback from friends, family and customers who say my cards have made a difference. And making a difference for just one person is enough to make this worth it.

With Love, Pauline (she/her) 🇬🇾🏳️‍🌈