About Us

Breaking Barriers and Changing Narratives.

As a woman of colour who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I don't often see myself reflected when walking down the greeting card aisle. So, when the pandemic hit in 2020 leaving me with extra time, I decided to actively create change instead of waiting for it. 

Greeting cards have always been special to me ever since I was a young girl. In fact, to this day I tell friends and family that I'd rather receive a card than a present. Yeah, I know, it requires more effort and thought but that's kinda the point.

Texts, DMs and email are so routine in day-to-day life so, when someone gives you a hand written card, it's just hits differently, you know?

But finding that card that makes you say to yourself, "omg, this is perfect!" is no easy task if you don't fit the traditional mold. 

Most greeting card stores cater predominantly to heterosexual, able-bodied, Christian, Caucasian individuals leaving a gap in the market by excluding many different types of people - like me. 

Lovespace Studio aims to break these societal barriers and promote inclusion by designing cards for equity seeking groups such as Brown, Black, and Indigenous people, those who identify as LGBTQ2S+ and those who are disabled.

I want to change the narrative and bring culturally relevant stories to life by creating cards that truly reflect the multifaceted ways we celebrate, commemorate and connect with others.

It's a small step but change needs to start somewhere. Join me on my journey to breaking systemic barriers and creating an inclusive future that values everyone, one card at a time. 

💌 With Love, Pauline